D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs is dedicated to the design and artistry of building and construction management. Motivated by innovation in design, the craftsmanship of construction and a collaborative approach that places clients' needs at the center of the design process. Inspired by the building process, our work is derived from investigating and researching the qualities of structure, utilizing authentic-natural sustainable building materials with scrupulous attention to the execution of exquisite architectural details.

We approach each of our projects' unique parameters as an opportunity to explore alternative approaches to design, construction and project delivery. Environmental, economic and practical challenges demand a deep-organic understanding and constant re-evaluating of conventional solutions and methodologies.

From Concept To Completion

Our architectural design process provides an integrated continuum of services from initial concept design, site selection, land development and architectural plans of a project to building construction as well as interior details that create a seamless workflow. By providing design, architectural, and construction services our firm is better able to manage projects from the conception stage to the final build-helping our clients avoid costly duplication and time-consuming mistakes. Through taking the lead on project management there is one continuous contact throughout both the project's design and architectural planning process. This ensures details of a plan are correctly interpreted and carried out through the build process enabling an organic design process that enhances the project's vision.

Importance Of The Architectural Design Process

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Architectural design renderings are pursued with intensive research into local building techniques, period details and sustainable materials that rigorously examine the physical, social and environmental context. We derive architecture through a synthesis of diverse forces that allow us to create a unique design for each client, informed by their requirements and desires.

Interpretation of information garnered from client conversations and meetings is inspiration for preliminary two-dimensional (2-D) hand-drawn design renderings. The preliminary renderings are then refined through close collaboration, incorporating the client's desires and reactions into a final design.

The integrity of this information is then transformed into three-dimensional (3-D) renderings-of prime importance in the projection of the idea into factual architectural plans.

This visual presentation design process enables our clients to easily imagine the envisioned plan and precise interpretation through confirmed 3-D renderings. Thereby allowing the architect to accurately interpret these approved 3-D renderings into the final architectural plans allowing the project to seamlessly proceed to filing and building stages.

Freedom of design and execution through on-site development is also enhanced by the 3-D renderings, enabling the means to develop an original organic design that can grow throughout the build process — assuring the exacting details of the whole structures' sections and rooms are precisely executed.

"The Secret of Elegance ..."

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Special attention is given to details right from the inception of a project to include asymmetrical design and curves that give our projects a sculptural quality, which is lacking in nearly all modern work today. The freedom of line is what gives a D'Alessio built structure a distinctive character all its own — that one-of-kind elegant sophistication our clients want.

It's the theory of asymmetry in architectural design that lends beauty to more massive structures giving charm to structural refinements that warms and softens the overall effect. "Proportion and exquisite details throughout maintain the integrity of the whole, keeping the construction from being merely a massive structure," states D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs President Andrea D'Alessio, Jr.

Our relentless commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship and development of distinctive architectural details attracts the top craftspersons in the field to implement the exacting period details throughout a D'Alessio project in precise proportion and scale, creating "timeless" elegance.

Scrupulous Attention To "Exquisite Details"

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Our one-of-a kind luxury projects each have their own distinctive personality, reflecting the owner's unique taste and lifestyle. Authenticity in period style and sustainable building materials are extensively researched for our clients' needs — carefully and thoughtfully incorporated into the design process. Our design process allows for refinement of awe-inspiring, exclusive details for each of our projects.

D'Alessio Inspired Architectural Designs, renowned for 18th & 19th century details and European inspired craftsmanship utilizes state-of-the-art building practices for 21st century castles, luxury mansions, luxury estates and European chateaux. We blend our expertise with specific architectural styles and the latest energy-efficient cuttingedge technology amenities, combining elegance, integrity, and artisan quality that creates enduring-timeless architecture.

Details, Details, Details — The Essence of Luxury

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The Built By D'Alessio difference is in the handcrafted customized details our design workshop makes-to-order for each project. Our award-winning millwork design includes combinations of complementary hand-carved, ornamentally embellished hardwood moldings, crowns, friezes, panel molding some with carved wood floral baskets, leafy, rope, casing and scrolls, radius carved molding with bead-rope inset panel surrounds, Acanthus leaf 'batman' keystones accents to name a few. As well as hand carved beams, doors, corbels, 8" & 15" crown molding with 'egg & darts' and handcrafted cabinets.

Ceiling details included: coffered with applied molding, polished Venetian Groin Vault, Tray with clipped corner, Vaulted and Barrel as well as birdcage cornices. Some embellished with gold leaf accents, radius-clipped floral Acanthus scroll corners, 'Mon Real' Acanthus crown hardwood moldings and carved wood architectural Palmette scroll frieze molding, for example. All window, door surrounds, moldings, hallway arches, balustrades and hand-forged wrought-iron doors, railings and spiral brass handrails are hand drawn and handcrafted by our craftspeople.

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You can find in most D'Alessio built projects — grand entry foyers, customized spiral staircases and limestone balustrades, hand inlaid marble, tile and masonry floors; customized hand-carved cast stone window surrounds, Corinthian and fluted columns, marble or limestone mantels some weighing over 2,000 pounds. We obtain special permits to create one-of-a-kind distinctive signature European styled 60' chimneys — circular brick and bluestone stacks with 6' cast pots.

Rooflines adorned with copper cupolas, decorative ridge 'Fleur-de-lis', copper finials and copper barrel dormers with cast limestone surrounds. Our illustrious rooflines and chimneys will distinguish your D'Alessio built project.

A Natural Choice For Sustainable Design

The firm has extensive experience using sustainable all-natural authentic materials and award-winning expertise in the use of masonry and building granite. "The unique qualities of granite give our projects permanence, free of deterioration and maintenance — ageless yet contemporary and unequaled for the hand-chiseled hammered stone facades and outdoor living hardscapes we are noted for: steps, terraces, plaza paving, public, institutional and monumental spaces," states Mr. D'Alessio.

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Authentic stone-granite is one of the few natural materials versatile enough to support state-of-the-art technology, while offering a timeless aesthetic-improves with age that is also functional, cost effective, and sustainable. Stone offers many attractive, environmentally friendly attributes including low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), durability, ease of care and maintenance, recyclability and crucial for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Mr. D'Alessio continues, "natural stone is as green as an authentic building material can get, absorbs and releases heat slowly, performs consistently through wide temperature changes, and does not off-gas." The use of authentic natural stone is often a valuable tool in IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) and energy reduction strategies.

We individually fit hand-chiseled hammered stone into our building facades, providing a lasting-timeless quality that still can be witnessed with many standing European 13th century castles. A D'Alessio project will often include Ashlar or Medley patterned-hand mixed fieldstone facades, authentic-sustainable building materials: marble, stone, granite, stucco, limestone, slate, masonry and brick. Award-winning, customized masonry details include, cast and hand-carved cast limestone surrounds, reliefs, keystones & rosettes; Corinthian, Greek, Roman, Ionic capitals with cast limestone fluted and Tuscan columns; marble surrounds and circular staircases with marble risers and steps, crown, vaulted and arched ceilings. To see more customized cast limestone details and how they are created click here.

We Embrace Complex Projects

By taking full responsibility for projects from 'conception to completion' the firm is able to deliver exquisite architectural detail and complete projects at an exceptional value while exceeding the highest level of quality. Years of general contracting, construction management, design for large budget projects and the coordination of licensed crew know-how allow us to streamline the building process — eliminating redundancy, maintaining flexibility while controlling costs and delivering your project on time.

D'Alessio excels in taking the lead of large design teams through the completion of projects throughout the US and Europe. We embrace complex projects and aggressive schedules, with innovative solutions for enduring, timeless, awe-inspiring projects like a 21st century castle, luxury mansion, luxury estate, European chateau, renovation or an outside living space as well as restore or reproduce a historic building design, or build a commercial, public or monumental project.

We Embrace Complex Projects
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